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November 01, 2013
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My buddy, Mike went to Utah for the Park City Point to Point mountain bike race this summer. The race organizers, with huge help from sponsors like Scott, were able to give away a Scott Genius frame and fork combo. They draw a random finisher number before the race. Whoever is “x” number across the line, wins the bike. They call it the “I’M SOMEBODY” award. Somehow Mike just happened to be “that guy”. He knows how to kit out a bike and he recently got it all together. I told him I’d help him get a few photos for his buddies at PCP2P. Having just picked up the freshly build Genius, he stopped by this morning so we could take pics for 10 minutes and B.S. about bikes for 30. The only problem with doing this in the morning, is we’re not really able to have a beer and I that left me jonesing to go for a ride all day._F2A0792_copyI think this might be the ideal setup for a race like the High Cascades 100 in Bend, OR. For us long distance racers, I think a light, fast, longer travel bike will be the wave of the future. Remember this quote, “We’re just a bunch of middle-aged dudes who like to ride their bikes.” — Jon Gould
_F2A0796_copyThis is a very interesting build with the combination of SRAM with Shimano. I think Mike has good taste and the build is very clean thanks to Jason Bauer at G-Fit Studio. If you see either Mike or Jason on the trail, consider yourself lucky. They are pretty stealthy.
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