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August 18, 2012
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2 weeks ago, I photographed one of the weddings I had scheduled with BBSG. I was tasked with the rare opportunity to return to an area I once called home. The wedding took place south of Burley at Castle Rock State Park. Sue and Dan started the morning of the wedding day with an excursion to “Tiny Town”. They squeezed in a couple climbs before getting ready for the wedding. They were kind enough to encourage me to take advantage of a quick top-rope session. I never feel like I’ve done enough work after I’m finished with a wedding. (even though I am mentally exhausted) With this couple, Sue and Dan, I felt lucky to be involved. I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed working with them. Dan said to me as I was leaving to head home, “I fell like we are of the same tribe.” I don’t know that I have ever received a compliment that felt this sincere. Congratulations you two. You have a bright future.